Vermont Backcountry Cottages - Pet Policy

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dogs. I have had a dog since I was a wee lad and I will have a dog until I die. I would not be happy if I had to leave my pup at home when visiting such a beautiful place such as this. It would be heartbreaking. Your pup is welcome provided you abide some simple rules. Please understand, while I love dogs, I have a zero tolerance for violations of my policy. Please respect my property, person and guests; I've worked very, very hard to build this dream and I'd like to keep it nice for all my guests. 

1. Do NOT bring an aggressive dog to my property. There are occasionally other dogs and people about. You might see me or my neighbors walking on the road or doing maintenance on the property and any sort of aggression will not be tolerated. 

2. You may allow your dog to be free if they have recall and will stay near your rental. Dogs are not allowed to wander the entire property and/or the "neighborhood". I want to make sure to respect my neighbors property rights as well. 

3. No excessive barking. 

4. Absolutely no pets on the furniture or bedding. Zero tolerance. 

5. Do not leave your dog unsupervised. If you must leave your dog alone, it must be in a crate. 

6. Pet waste must be dealt with properly. You can either bury it 4" deep out in the woods, or you can use the biodegradable bags provided. Please use the metal pales provided until the time you leave. When leaving, put your dog waste INTO your garbage bag and put it into the rubbish container in the shed (or if you're at GMC in the laundry room). DO NOT DROP YOUR POOP BAGS INTO THE BIN! They break and I have to fish them out by hand. Yuk. 

There will be a $35 non-refundable fee for each pet per stay. 

Please consider trimming your dog's nails before you come so they don't scratch the floors. 

You will be responsible for any damage caused by your pet.